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Monday, 22 September 2008



Upon seeing the good reviews... tv ads and watever there is. 4 of us went to his place for dinner and were prepared to splurge. But upon seeing the menu, there are no a la carte, only four types of courses/ sets. since nobody filled in the pricing. let me fill it up for u guys. Five courses is 145++ which consists mainly of greens and no drinks, 240++ with pairing meaning each course comes with its specialized drinks. another set is 230++ which consist of 9 courses with no pairing, 380++ with pairing. And be warned that this is only for 1 person. We order 2 sets of 145++ and 1 set of 230++, we requested to share the 230++ because it was 8 courses and dont think 1 person can finish it all. But they do not respect us and insisted that it was not allowed. I thought dining experiences are supposed to cater to customer's needs? Plus we are there to try the food and not crawling in with starvation. We ended it by just walking out of the place. They could have easily earned $700 out of 4 people but they chose not to earn any by turning down a simple request to simply share 1 set. I will not return again


Darling Sleepless - You know I'd never show and tell ;) xx

H. - Thank you, but I don't think I could do that. With regards, Emma



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yeah yeah i believe you that the food was great. dont really care for the foodie photos. I want photos of the louboutin..make that DEMAND!

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