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Wednesday, 07 May 2008



Hazel - You know you want 'em ;)

Maurina - My name is EmmaGoodEgg and I am a Bimbo addict :)

Lila - You click 'Challenges' on the left-hand side bar. When you get to the Challenge page, start challenging other bimbos (there is a list of available bimbos to challenge on the right). I had a problem with the Challenges when I was surfing the site via Safari. If you use a Mac, you need to play Miss Bimbo using Firefox. It is advisable to challenge bimbos who have thereabouts the same Bimbo attitude points or level as your own. Surf the Forums, there are plenty of handy tips. Hope this helps! :)


Im on level 3 and im stuck on win 10 challenges!? How do you do that :(

Maurina Hamid


Oh Willow looks adorable!


I'm on Level 6!

I am on the VERGE of buying Bimbo Dollars coz I really want those torn jeans... oh no!!!

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