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Monday, 14 April 2008



Hazirah, I am addicted to and thus have truly discovered my inner bimbo. The goals are set by levels. I simply play it to "buy" all the bimbo clothes and accessories online and play dress up with my bimbo. Sad. But true. xx


Wow... I am speechless.

Target weights? Plastic surgery? Were those 'goals' in the first screenshot given out randomly?

One does not need to be a young teenage girl to be impressionable. I guess I am a little offended, but I also see how, if not taken too seriously, this can be fun. Just another game where you take on an alter-ego and become a rich business tycoon selling plants/rollercoasters/chocolate or the commander of some army with soldiers, weapons and defense towers at your disposal. I just hope this hasn't been too damaging on some people's mindsets. :S

Nice post. :)


Hi Nonnie, How's your Bimbo doing? :) xx ps/ Goodluck with the Bloggies!


Now this is really cool.
Am definitely going to own a bimbo myself.

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