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Friday, 14 March 2008



I SO agree with Cookie and Tina...Eight Days A Week countrified??? Say it isn't so! And David deserved another week at least...xx


My predictions for the bottom 3 were, as Simon put it, SPOT ON! But I really thought that Dolly-Parton-on-Helium deserved the boot this week. The Beatles' songs should NEVER be sung country! Especially "8 Days a Week". It's sacred!


Goodness. I do not know why Kristy Lee Cook is still in! She took it to heart about singing country, and I don't think she should make every single bit of the song country! Shivers went down my spine listening to her performance, so I put my fingers in my ears when channel-surfing landed me on the rerun.

Hernandez deserved another week.

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