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Monday, 10 March 2008



Dear Ray , You must take a picture of your swallows! Apparently swallows mate for life...and swallow tattoos usually depict loyalty and fidelity

Looking forward to pictures of your pair. Thank you for your visit :) xx Ems

ps/ Our swallows soil the garage floor as well, but since I'm such a romantic, I don't mind...(read: maid clean up after said swallows). Love to the wife.



This is weirdly uncanny: my wife and I have recently had a pair of swallows move into our garage in Panaga as well! They come in around 6-7pm every night and are gone before 6am. I must say I'm not very fond of them because they keep soiling the garage floor, (thankfully not on the cars!), but they have persisted despite my efforts to evict them. Will take a picture this weekend. Cheers!

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