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Friday, 19 October 2007



Tony, Malay is my mother tongue.


can i know if Malay is your mother tongue?


Sash, Jenny, Hazel - You had to be there :)

RI - I'll try and be a little less irreverent next time.


Awww... Hehehe..

I've missed your blogs!


hahahah.. that is TOO funny, Han.... Hope the same thing will happen to me. I need to brush up my language skills....


Wow.... kinda stumbled across ur blog from rano's posting of ur new baby gurl's pic. Been trying to keep up with ur baby stories, to inspire me to have one of my own.
Early 30's, been married almost 6 yrs. Have a lil bit of a phobia with hospitals now cos been in and out for the past oohhh.. 8/9 years...and had about at least 4 maybe major ops. so, kinda not looking forward to the pain of childbirth just yet. But the damn biological clock is tick tocking away! Plus hate that having a baby messes up wit ur body, so sick of being overweight all my life... kinda difficult keeping it under 60kg nowadays. Never wanna be over that limit ever again. Which will definitely happen!
Last, not really sure what kind of a parent I will make. I don't wanna mess up, u know... scary stuff! Need major inspiration now.... Sorry, hardly a comment this, is it?


lol. "berFAEDAH" is really funny. lol lol. bakkuu berabis tu eh.

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