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Saturday, 14 July 2007



But that didn't work on me!

I asked my mum if she drank too much coffee when she's carrying me and she said no, in fact..she drank a lot of milk and soya too!

So, can someone tell me what went wrong?

"Un-fair" eh~


Hi Maurina, that's the first time I've heard of a pregnant woman touching someone for an order of fair skin (or genius genes, for that matter). I must go find me some literary/mathematical/creative/sporty geniuses to rub :) xx


MORE THAN ONCE, pregnant women approached me in public places, so that she can touch my skin and hair. Apparently "supaya menjangkit puteh sama rambut keriting". I say, don't blame me if they spend too mcuh money on rebonding.

Obviously, it was very alarming the first time, especially when she looked at me as if she was craving to eat me! Complete with dilated pupils.

However, it is more alarming the second time because I thought that first time was a one off thing. It revelaed to me, that THERE ARE ACTUALLY MORE OUT THERE and they're gonna get me!

But the third time it happened, I was convinced that if touching fair skinned people produces white babies, I am going to touch as many doctors, prodigies, and geniuses as I possibly can when I'm pregnant.


Pablo, I remember someone telling me that if you pee a lot during your pregnancy your childs' hair will be thick. I am one pregnant woman who definitely needs to go to the bathroom too muchly. And whaddya know, Beloved Son has superfine hair just like his Mama. Also I think Asians are definitely obsessed with being fair-skinned, like you can't be beautiful unless you are. How goes life down under? Take care xx


Hahahaa. That is so true.. Well.. according to the chinese belief. I remember when Bunny was preggie, she was advises to take alot of soya bean milk so that the baby skin is fair and soft..hahaa

But is that all what we can think about?? Obsession on fair skin? I guess we are more interested in a healthy and smart baby that we can all love. Imagine asking a Fijian mother or an African mother to take soya bean milk so that their babies can be fair..hahaa..

Wish u al the best Emma. I pray for you and Mimi to be healthy, well and Mimi to get the inteligence and beauty of the mum and father.. not in that order.. of course..haha.. take care!!


Hey there E :) I don't know whether the concoction you described works or not, but it sure sounds yummy! xx


I had beancurd skin boiled in a rock sugar solution, with hard boiled eggs and gingko nuts (all white ingredients) when I was carrying both my kids and both of them, have naturally tanned skins, unlike me. E.


Another one I've heard for lily white skin is young coconut juice...


Rice water eh? That's new for me. I had lovely friends who gave me soya bean milk when I was pregnant with Eu (since I was still working then) so perhaps that is why she does look a bit fairer than Qi. But like you said, so what, brown blue red white. As long as she is healthy right? Hang in there.

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