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Saturday, 07 July 2007



Hey there Jewelle :) The Jing Chew carbs are buns and not pau xx


Hmm, we know about the roti kuning but not the buns (since we're not bandar folks) is it buns or pau?


Hello darling, I'll let you know about the tea when you're back. But the candles that are handed to you on your way out, in the old days I think its used to light your way home. The lit candles in the room are perhaps to represent the women who are there. Your Abang said pretty much the same happens in the mens area. See you soon!! xx


Great post. I've been to Jing Chew once.. felt totally out of place and didn't know what to do with myself.

Oh and did the lady tell you why you aren't supposed to drink the tea? and what did she tell you about the candles? surely all that fabric and lit candles called for serious fire hazard...

it looks like there aren't very many women in the room either.. was it a special room? what happened in the mens area?

sorry for the twenty questions.. i'm just curious :) xxw
p.s see you soon! woo!

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