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Monday, 28 May 2007



I didn't know people are still going to Dynasty's. That place is so horrible and the food laden with MSG. It should be shut down. Have they upgraded the public restrooms in that minus three star hotel? They stink like hell.


i agree with nina and evan. in a way, the hostess asked for it. :D


I don't agree with everyone but Nina's right in a way. In life, you can't just say anything you like even if it is your own personal blog cos it's still made public, gets commented on and bound to offend someone. And you never know what small thing you write would rub another the wrong way. At least take some responsibility for it, not just ask us to sympathize... Oh well! Live and learn ;)


you know if you're going to dish out comments about things, you're bound to receive such comments in return too. :D


Note to Self: have some DimSum this weekend before baby pops out!! Karang kena kurung 40 hari lah!


Yummmzzz... Chicken feet... food for the soul... ;)

A GoodEgg Reader

I totally agree with Katie-Ella. This is your blog, hence you should be able to post up whatever opinion you have with no scruples - no one else has complained before, regardless of whether or not they agree with your opinion.

Plus your post was hardly cruel, and the corresponding comment to it was malicious to the point of ridiculous.

Therefore, shake it off, and keep on bringing the GoodEgg mojo to our dreary daily lives.


Emma I feel your pain...but don't let that troll get you down. "...the most GIFTED and WONDERFUL person..." Oh please, what does that have to do with anything? Is it just me, or is it ironic that he/she demands that YOU should apologise for your restrained blogpost, after making his/her own foaming-at-the mouth personal attacks? (PS I really miss Dynasty dim sum. Yum yum)

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