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Tuesday, 08 May 2007



she's a princess and her name is buttercup... PRINCESS BUTTERCUP!

that just proves its the perfect movie.


Ah. Wuv... twue wuv.... :)


Miracle Max

Thank goodness for good sense!! Finally someone else who knows about The Princess Bride and that quote (you would not believe how many blank faces I have gotten when trying to speak like a Spaniard!).

Love your blog...welcome back! But here's a question for you: which would you choose Princess Bride or a Johhny Depp filled Pirates of the Carribbean????

bibiran 2.0

As you wish... Princess Buttercup.

oh such classics! you know if i look hard in my storeroom, i think theres a couple of popeye video tapes that i havent returned. can u imagine the late charges for that?! hehehe...

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