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Wednesday, 07 February 2007



How exciting =)

Simpur Webmaster

Hi Emma & other fellow bloggers,

Thanks for your post on our new Simpur Blogging Nation page. As you might have noticed, our new site is still under construction and will be online in a few weeks time. Due to licensing and legal issues, we've taken the temporary site off the web for the time being until it's officially launched. We greatly appreciate what you've posted and we too are excited about the Bruneian Blogs Directory, especially dedicated to all the hard work the Bruneian bloggers have put into creating their great blogs. We'll be having competitions for all bloggers and blog readers too, so stay tuned!

As always, we need permission from all the bloggers to link and list their blogs on Simpur. Therefore, any Bruneian bloggers interested in listing their blog sites on the Bruneian Blogs Directory, and in turn be entitled to win great prizes in all our future blogging competitions, please email your site's address to us at [email protected]. (Your real names and contact details will remain anonymous. Thank You.

Simpur Webmaster,
Content Unit,
DST Multimedia Sdn Bhd.


After some checking with some reliable sources, I've been told that the website is not 100% completed yet but it is going to launched soon. The blog owners will be contacted soon for their permission to be listed and all other bloggers who are not in the directory yet will be welcome to submitt their blog too if they want to be included in the iPod Shuffle draw.

I'm sure those Simpur people are now working double time to get the site up and running soon ;)

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