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Saturday, 13 January 2007



Bulimic, your cap is fine, it may have been another white cap lying about and not yours. Let me know when you wanna drop by and pick it up. xx


Zippy, actually that was me! I just remembered someone giving it to me while clearing up for the Fabulous Mama's shoot. I brought it outside for some reason and put it on Zippy's head (???). Bowh.


Oh my, I remember someone putting a white cap on my head while we were sitting around for R&aL and Affy's photoshoot by the pool... it just clicked that it's yours, Bulimic!

I didn't know whose it was around that time, so I left it on one of the chairs by the pool... I hope it didn't get soggy from all the rain lately. :s


OMIGOD your POUT is not as big as my ASS in the second picture!!!!!



hiya mamalobs doing good...last time I met u was at Fleur de Lys I guess.. I came late at Emma's place that night iatah nda tejumpa hehe..

Hire me? ermmm ntah ah, I'm still a novice with my cam, but soon I will be ready... hehe


Oh Bulimic, we found it. Do drop by and pick it up anytime :) xx


emma, any news about my cap?


Oh my god!!! UCINGITAMMMMM!!!! I thought that was you..How are you?? how come I didn't see you that day ah?..hehe.. sorry emma, I feel like we're in one of those long-lost family/friends reality tv shows tah pulang!!

Btw, Ucingitam.. can ask to hire you to take photos now lah ah!! :)


Hi mamalobs.. my long-lost school mate hehe.. i think i need to go photo shooting in broad daylight to get a tan :)


Emma..Love the Bird mask btw!!! LOL!!! I really do..hahah


Mamalobs, I LOVE your pout! You and Vixen both look gorgeous :) xx

UcingItam, do need a tan :) xx


Lol.. that's huge!! the pout I meannn.. hahhaha..


Erkk i was so pale..i should be Count Dracula hehe

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