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Monday, 15 January 2007



Guitar Hero is super ADDICTIVE.

There was one time, after exams were over, I played the sequel for 3 hours straight.

Sangal pulang lapas atu.



sounds good Emma.. sounds good. I played an arcade version in Taiwan and it was F-U-N


Hi BKK, you tell me buddy! The one I was playing on was not ours. I wish we could find it in Brunei, but according to Beloved Son the nearest place is Singapore. It's about $70. I have a trip planned out there end of this month, will let you know if its on, in case you want to 'pesan' one ok? :) xx


Hey Emma where did you manage to get the guitar?? would love th get one but can't find one in Brunei :)


But I'm better than you, Fid! (you know it) ;p You wanna challenge me? Kehmenn....
I still have Justin's guitars bertapuk in my cupboard so he can't take them home.


oh this game rocks! \m/


Haha. You've gotten addicted.. Such a good game =D And I'm totally better than Kak Intan (no offence Kak I, don't kill me).

You gonna get a Guitar Hero controller then? Haha.

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