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Monday, 08 January 2007



Hats or in my case.. my tudong off to you emma! haha.. everybody looks as they should be.. gorgeous! It was so good to meet everyone and thanks for being such a great host.. bila lagi?! haha..


Emma - what a fantastic award-winning post. Love the pics and thank you again for a wonderful day. I had so much fun. Luv,E.

AnakBrunei aka BFG

Excellent work!!! This is brilliant! And it was so much fun! Everyone did a swell job and my hat goes off to all of you! Emma, you have outdone your self my dear! You've captured all of our blogging personas magnificently. So when's the next soirée? Heheheh!


Bravo! Bravo! The awaited Emma's Brunei Online 2006. Wow! Really impressive list and pics..Thank you for including me. I'm glad I came and meet the other Hommies..Thanks to you, Bobby and Zimmie for hosting us the other day. Hope we can all gather again soon!


Its brilliant.. thank you gorgeous.. I love how you capture every1s persona in one post. The sharp-shooters did an outstanding job. The pics are wicked!
But hehe I'm still in my 20s..

Mamalobengs atu 18 kali... she's beautiful isn't she? Mamalobs, wana do more photo sessions?

Well done Emma!


I didn't take the pic of the boys. Although that is a really nice one. And the photoshopping was a bit shoddy. Didn't think you'd actually post that one up.

But I must say, it turned out pretty good. 'Twas much fun =)


I think you should add this kid . really, he is a kid.


It looks fabulous emma! It was so much fun doing it and now seeing the final outcome of it all, I feel like we should do it more often! *hehehe*

Thanks again for the brilliant idea and for including us in ;)

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