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Monday, 08 January 2007


Ram Chandra Adhidari


i am Ram Chandra Adhikari from Nepal.i want to live and work Burnai i am finished bachelor level. if there any possibility please help me. i really dont know how and where to apply for work. i am 30 years old man. if you help me i really thankful to you. my english is not good so dont take it other.thank you.


I'm looking for a blog from Bangar Brunei, anyone know of one?



Love those pics, especially the ones with the aviator glasses. Can't get enough of those things.


my fav gotta be bonnie & clyde and thelma & louise..very classic. love it. inteldebuntantes is also nice! im even surprised the mysterious mr. BR is also come the goodeggs are not in it? :))


Heya. Nas here... About your egg mask, I've got sketches. Maybe we can get together before I start working on it. I usually have a one-to-one seesion with my clients to get a hold of details before anything starts.


.... hei .. thanks for the invite .. n awu .. sorry can't make it that day ... seems to be everybody was having a great time... yeaaaa... good to know that ... ;) .. Majulah Internet Untuk Negara ....

Peter Parker

Emma, what's yours? ;) We all want to know :D
Sash, you know I'm always serious jua ;)


Ok I have linked everyone into my blog! If you wish to return-link, you are most welcome to do so! Cheers everyone! :D


Fabulous work. I really like the Bonnie & Clyde pic. The others are very cool-ly done too. Great job to all involved.


Ai mcm siok! huhu. Great photos. SEIRAS EH MUKA SI RANO AH MCM SUPERMAN. Kimsalam rano. phheewit. hehehe. Thanks for including me :) peaaas..




This must be the best compilation of bloggers, I wish I could join in the fun.

The Guys (and Gal) of YPI

Sexy Meter Maid now wished she was in the photo. Hehe. Beautifully done Emma. Only you could've pulled something like this.

the lazy turtle

Well done, Emma! :) Really love the Bonnie & Clyde as well as the Thelma & Louise shot! Great ideas! :D


Hi Emma

sorry I did not manage to send in a pic on time. I have just arrived back in Brunei from overseas. Thanks for putting up the 'business card' pic on the site :)

Strictly B

KUDOS emma for a brilliant job of compiling the best bloggers under one roof :) now i noe who to read in my very little spare time!! Congrats all around!!


Only Emma could pull somthing this brilliant together. You're notorious for having the knack for throwing the most awesome gatherings be it a Kitten Smoke-O session or your infamous theme parties.

Very ingenious fav has to be My3rdEye and Zippy. Followed closely by Fabulous Mamas.

By the way...what did Chef Bobby make that day? Would love to read his post.


Oh, no, what the hell. Hahaha
Thanks for a wonderful night at your magnificent bungalow, Emma!


Emma, I'm so flattered that you included me in your fabulous blog!! Thanks! Squeal of excitement! You must be sick of hearing this, but your house is sooooo gorgeous. Mr K-E and I are very jealous.


very interesting array of pictures. i can finally put faces to these bloggers =)


WOWWWW!!! Gorgeous photos of everyone!!! Thanks again SEXY EMMA & BOBBY for being such generous and gracious host! The photos are wonderful!! Excellent!!..

Btw, the pout looks so scary... hahaha... AND ZT you look gorgeous darling!!.. Hmm..18? Seriously Zet, you still thinks that can fly after all the stretchhmarks?




oh brilliant.. :) thanks again for a wonderful afternoon.. and for including me in it..


I'm still looking & re-reading.. feels like I'm flipping thru a Vogue Magazine, only brighter and much much more friendlier. You gotta love that bunny! The debutantes ah cun jua ah. How is anyone gonna top this post? Its pure excitement and genuine cheekiness - diamondatrix there is a prime example!


For those who have pictures, now you can knock yourselves out with 'em. Thank you for holding them back for my post :) xx


after reading what d others have written, what can I add? I'm not good at words, so maybe you'll allow me to post some of my photos of the gathering i.e. my photographic version of that day. ok? please? ok Emma? they may not be able to match your posting and never intended to. now you have to plan for 2007...


Beautifully done! I love it, I'm gonna link all those featured into my photoblog. I look forward to hang out with each and everyone of you guys again! Bloggers are beautiful people :D Well done once again Emma and the gang! You're a star!


whoops didn't know you wanted big a$$ pix hehe.. otherwise I wouldn't have resized them.. my apologies :-)


Ooh, thanks for adding me in your feature! Hee~! The pictures look awesome! I love the poses/costumes/etc and can only wish I was there with you all then, hehe. Oh well, if you ever do this again, I hope I'm in :D :D :D


Yey! the not so long awaited post! I dont think there'll be future post as fab as this... unless there'll be movers n shakers 2007! Thank you & bobby for organising this for us. You have such big big hearts!I heart you! hehe...Im a happy bunny, i think i go do a headstand! bunny-come-stroke-my-ears-danura xoxo

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