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Tuesday, 12 December 2006



I salute you!


Freakin' heck, 42km? I ran the 21km in Singapore a couple of years back and after that I asked myself "what the hell am I doing torturing my legs and feet?"

A year later I took up latin dancing ;P


Congratulations! Doesn't that make it 2 years in a row? B's knees have given up on him so (thankfully for me) no more marathons for him :)

Sierra Hotel

Wow, you managed to do the 42km run? Even i had a hard time finishing the 21km event. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the word for you. and also to the other runners out there. Job well done everyone and let's hope next year's marathon will see a lot of improvements.


Well done bobby!! its not about how fast you can run a marathon but its all about if you CAN run a marathon!
42 **%#*$*&# kms????
I get leg cramps just from walking from one end to one of Vivo City shopping there..hahahahahhaha....
again WELL DONE!!


Emma, have a look at this link


Good job, you (:

Told Emma I'll be joining the marathon next year as well. Fun run, she says? I reckon if she runs with me, she'll want to do a 21km run instead!

All she needs is a little encouraging smack on the bottom.


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