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Saturday, 09 December 2006



Wah beautiful beach sun set and beach. May I know how much for the rent if we wan rent for around 35 person for one day trip?


Heheh I was further down the beach at the time. Met Mike and the boys who'd invited me over to yr spot but I was waiting near my set-up tripod and camera for the golden sunset ( ). Looks like you caught it too eh? Heheheh!


Emma, how much is the rental for sixteenth Angel Beach?


Hi Lina, BF and MsMilo - I'm not sure what time the ATV rentals start, but I do know that you have to book Sixteenth Angel Beach. Email me if you need the contact number. xx


I miss the beach...I miss Brunei...~~ Nice pictures :) the sunset especially...


Lovely sun set! I wish I was there. I could've taken another beauuuutttiiiffuuulll pix of it


Wow - looked like you all had a fab time! Any ideas on what time the APV rentals start as we plan to have a family picnic there next Saturday. And is the Sixteenth Angel Beach space open to the public or is booking required?

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