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Tuesday, 05 December 2006



Russell Peters will be performing in Kuala Lumpur in Feb 2007! Dates to be confirmed! Wooohooo! Sooooo gonna be there!


LOL!! I hearrrttt Russell Peters!! He is so CHARRRLIEEEE!!.. hahaha.. there's another one where he performed in New York and the jokes were more vulgar than this one. Hmmm.. Saaammbaadiii goonnaa gett A HURTT REAALL BADDD.. lol!!


yah even here the tickets for his standup shows gets sold out FAST. boring.


oh i spelt his name wrong. rex navarrete. it's alot closer to home than russell peters. hehe enjoy! :D


Hehe... I've watched his skit too many times, but it never gets old.

I love the part when he mixes the races...

'A French and a Greek = Freek!
A person from Holland and another from the Philipines = little Hollapinos!'



Thanks Sha for Rex Navarette...must find the vid on YouTube and let you know what I think :) xx

Syaz, Reeda & B - Count me in for the next Russell Peters act in the region! xx


You should see Russell Peters: Outsourced, its even more hillarious. You can download it from Bittorrent sites. My firends recenlty went to his sold out gig in Singapore and they had a real good time. So the next time he is in the region, I'm definately flying off to see him.

"Do the right thing! Be a man!" Hehehe...


Eyyyy! Somebody gonna get hurt... REAAAAL BAAAD!!! Daddy I gotta headache, go buy me some pooonaniii! Hahahahahah! I love this guy! He is one heck of a comic!


lol. sha: batman and RABIN tu eh. hahaha.. ok emma; give me two! hahahahahahaha
i enjoyed watching this again. lol.


i think rex navarette is much funnier. look out for him on youtube, and his skit called 'maritess vs superfriends'

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