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Wednesday, 27 December 2006



Hi Emma, I was and still am gross out by lizards... to the extent I cried when I was dissecting house lizards in My chordates class (ewww).. however, if you must know lizard has the most beautiful heart... scarlet colour, with the shape of a perfect heart... yep the ones that you get in those valentines day cards... our heart? complicated...and slightly angled to the left side ;)


.. tapi at least .. inda membari watir .... membagi ijab lagi BUAYA di jalan ah ... ahaks ...



anywaysss thanks for the 'garden' party babe.. *hugs* i loveee ur houseee.... And hopefullly u dont have one of those lizards swimming in ur pool hehe


i'm really amazed that you or someone still have the time to grab a camera to document the event. i met eye to eye with a cobra once and totally forgot that i have a camera phone, let alone thinking of grabbing my cam.


That is one overgrown lizard, wonder how big of a sound it makes? ;)


I'm with you all the way gurrrlll!! I absolutely hate lizards and all their first cousins, saudara-mara jauh mahupun dekat and yang sewaktu dengannya! I think the word hate does not even describe how I feel about them *emosi emosi*... And as for that HUGE BIAWAK.. Shaaaiiitttsss.. Bediria segala bulu2 yang ada!!! arrrrrrrr....


*Cringes* one twice as big trespassed our lawn last 2 weeks


holy molieeee! if that happened to me id be traumatised for life! and i didnt know they're the water kind as well! ikut lounging in the pool, hehe.. see ya tomorrow! danura.


I was traumatised! I shudder even to step at the tiles where the monster was plopped down by the hotel staff! But Eleanor, Bobby went back in later in the afternoon, although I didn't. I did however exorcised my lizardy demons and ventured in the next day albeit gingerly (and Bobby had to walk around and made noises by the bushes) but it was very very brave of me to do so. I can't bear to imagine what would happen if Bobby didn't see the monster belly-flop into the pool and I was swimming merrily AND!!!!! ARRGGGHHHH!


That was very entertaining! E, btw, did you and Bobby go back into the pool after the traumatic incident?

Strictly B

OMG OMG OMG!!! freaky!!!!!!!! nice pool btw :)


eeeuuuu!if that was me, i wud be traumatised. hate lizards!..all of them.mcm nda lagi tu the dude holding the


Jeeeez!!! What a huge biawak! Tekirik kirik ku meliat eh!!! Well, it certainly gives credence to the generally "back to nature" theme of holiday resorts and spas in Bali.




OMG!!! That's really big, and gross! I bet you're going to have the phobia of swimming in pools.

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