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Friday, 01 December 2006



i may not be a blogger, just a constant visitor of some or maybe all bruneian bloggers, hehehe.. i really like reading your article, just as AnakBrunei said, much more livelier.. your article really has deep meanings, shows how fast a small country like us grows, hehehe.. keep up the blogging :-)


Thank you all, for your comments xx


good article [and not because I am described as a grandmaster :)] - because it is reflective of the changing world - the new world order even in our 'small' country.


This one is definitely much better. Well done. I think you should take over the Editor's job at BT.


I like how BT editted the 'a' into 'her'; it's two totally different things. They obviously didn't get the gist. hehe.


Great write-up.. I guess I can relate to the BFBS and London stuff..hehehehe. I follow your blog on a daily basis. I love your writing. You new banner is very da cool!. Wish it for real. Prefer than that needle thingy hehehee...Keep up the blog..cheers


I confess, I was a Smash Hits junkie! Pity I have lost my collection ;s


This version is so much livelier! I love it!! Same comments from previous post apply here heheheh!

Terima karih daun keladi, nanti membawa ke Lee Loi Fatt makan cucur keladi...

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