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Monday, 11 December 2006



Unharm - I LOVE The Shining! Even the opening credits made my skin crawl. redrum redrum redrum yikes! xx


Brisbane's Indooroopilly cineplex aired this movie in July. I'm still interested in it, thanks for bringing it up.

Oh btw, have you watched The Shining? It's an old movie but a sick one for me.

Eye 10 is both hilarious and terrifying.

My poor heart. >.<


Jo, you can get Hard Candy at the DVD shop many call 'Kedai Komunis' in Gadong (at the same building where RMS Diner is located) xx


hard candy was an awesome movie. i love the way it was directed and the storyline sends chills down my spine, i am also looking for a copy of the dvd, where did you get yours from?


Wid, I was actually thinking of Audition when you were describing through Hayley's drastic character change.

Emma, hopefully Hard Candy is not as slow as Audition? I love my horrors, and defo will check this one out.

3 stripes

Hi Emma, I caught the movie last month. Pretty disturbing and psychotic to say the least. Didn't know the ice trick works *cough* haha..


ohmygod.GOD! how brilliant is Ellen Page/Hayley in that film?! I love how she goes from demure, shy, sweet and oh-so-innocent to manic, psycho-nurse-on-the-loose. And even then you're not sure what the character is meant to be thinking. Just rewind to the bit in the beginning when they first meet, then fast forward to the bit near the end where she's giving him the ultimatum. Personally, the best female acting I've experienced this year. By a mile. xxw p.s did you guys ever see Audition? that jap horror flick a couple years ago..? If you got that gooey feeling when he gets his come-uppance you'll love love this!

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