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Monday, 04 December 2006



I had lunch with Mademoiselle Stella when she said macaron like a french woman would. She sounded so rosy chic I wanted to eat her up whole :) Thank you for the tips honey, must make it a point to visit Paris.. xx


Paris is all about living, whether it rains or shines.
Since its winter, I will just focus on the grey weather. When it rains entrap yourself in a great store like Colette on Rue St Honore which is all about experimentation. Colette is one of the rare stores that open on a Sunday and has everything from the latest grooviest and most outlandish music albums, cult DVDs, electronics, shoes, clothes, food, stationary, water (more than 30 types), art etc. Basically a more selective and fun department store where you just have to try out everything that you fancy even if it costs gazillions of euros. The best thing is that the staff are unpretentious, wear t-shirts and jeans and pretty cute :)
After Colette, walk over to a Costes eatery...they are everywhere in Paris. The McDonalds of upmarket cafes & restaurant but I still love them. Outside Colette, the Costes GPRS tel u to turn right towards the Louvre to Cafe Ruc (a fave haunt), Cafe Marly (at the Louvre-best for brunch/lunch) or left to Hotel Costes (dont get seated at a table in the hallway).If you're there a week, then the challenge is to see how many Costes eateries you can hit for food or just a drink. They're all beautiful to be in so why not.
Well thats my 2 cents worth even though a bit late for Dee T. Since you were at the Athenee, I hope you visited the Bar. As I told Em, once you're in then you're really in!

As for Pierre Herme macarons, I agree they are the best in the world. He actually invented the rose petal macarons for Laduree when he was one of the pastry chefs there. Then he became a superstar. My hero!!! Scoffed many a happy mixed bag of macarons walking around St Germain.

Maurina H

*small voice* can I also have some macarons? 0=)

I am green with envy! Miss DeeT is at Paris with 700euros (not including credit card) not knowing what to buy and I'm backpacking to India with merely US$250. *rubs injection marks from vaccination*


Dearest Darling Emma,
The sms to you today (or yesterday 10.30pm Brunei time) was a desperate cry for help:
(I am a sad kitten. Husband says go shopping (i.e. 700euros + credit card) & I don't know what to buy!! Went to Galleries Lafayette & Printemps. Bought macaroons)

It was so stressful. Imagine, given the go ahead by B1 and going BLANK!!
Anyway, I bought just about every flavor of macaroon/macaron available from Laduree (13 in total) and 6 types from La Maison Du Chocolat (plus 1 chocolate & 1 caramel eclair) Then, walked around GL EATING them!!

I waited and waited yesterday for you to post my experimental travel list, in fact I stayed in my room the whole day. It was raining heavily and was bloody cold too.

Am staying at the Plaza Athenee.... Yeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaa. Our SUITE (yes, suite babe) on the top floor has a view of the Eiffel Tower. Have taken lots of shots of the room. B1 said to save some space for other pictures, told him I could still take 3200 shots. Apparently, this suite is the favourite of a certain saudi princess. I wonder if I will develop a regal wave, hahaha.

Task #1 is a big question. B1 is not into lingerie. Prefers me without any!!

I have done part of Task #2, eaten IN PLURAL. Am yet to go to the original salon of Laduree. Ning said I must have their chocolate soup!? I have also asked for the shelf life of the macarons, had it in mind to bring some back for the kittens. They said 2 days, so must pass them to u kittens on sunday afternoon (back on SQ flight).

Also saw Task #3, Diptyque candles at Printemps. Ok, will have another look.

Task #4, Musee de l'Erotisme. Hmmmm... what do I say to my driver (yes, a french driver in a Merc S500, and you still refuse to apply!!!!)

Task #5, Christian Louboutin. Didn't read any cop out there....

Maurina, I will try and look for Pierre Herme. Had a peek in Chanel, inda ku beliur... sedih kan??

I will be going into the enormous LV store on Champs Elysees, it was still under construction when we were last here in 2005. Apparently, there's an LV museum on the top floor.

Oh yeah, had indian curry for dinner (called 'Kashmir', not very original huh). Very typical of me, makan kari mesti pakai tangan. Took a picture of it too.

Ok, its almost 11pm now. B1 is snoring away on the sofa. Am going sight-seeing tomorrow to Chateau De Fontainbleau, about 100km away from Paris center. Its a 16th-century royal chateau, a favourite haunt of Napoleon. Also features Le Boudoir de Marie Antoinette, a private boudoir decorated for the queen's use during her annual visit for the royal hunting season. Mmmmm, could use some hunting......

Till then, miaow miaow from Gay Paree


Merci Beaucoup Mademoiselle Maurina :) xx

Maurina H

MACARON! Macaroons are Italian! :D

I love macarons!

Tip: Pierre Herme serves 100% BETTER macarons! Kinda like.. Laduree invented it (re invented), but Pierre Herme PERFECTED it.

Take a peek in Chanel! ;)

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