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Sunday, 10 December 2006



Hi! I stumbled across your blog while googling for marathons. What a nice account of Brunei Marathon 2006. Looks like so much fun. I hope they are better organised this year. Maybe I'll come to run in Brunei!


Hi Melissa, I am so glad you found me :) I was kicking myself for forgetting to ask your name. Will do an edit. xx


I am the lady from HK you mentioned above. I did not expect to see my picture here! Anyway, despite the bad organisation it was a memorable marathon for me, being my first, and hopefully one of many to come!


Wid's marathon sounds tons of fun.

Even though there has been complaints about this year's marathon, I'm still going to join the next one.
Hehe... for real this time.
A year's training should do it (:

And well done to your Bobby (:


wowee well done Bobby :) the last marathon i took part in involved non-stop episodes of Lost, an endless supply of teh tarik and my blanket. xxw

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