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Wednesday, 20 December 2006



aaaah, a fellow Kazakh... Do visit my town and say hello :) xx


Opppss...shudn't have said it out loud, kena edit plang nah hehe. We're from the same town in Kazakhstan but I don't think you know me. Anyway I got the Borat DVD from The Mall and might watch it later :)


Damnit! I knew I should've shaved :) xx


Thanks, I'll try to look it up :)
Anyway you look familiar. Are you Borat?


Sure UcingItam..and we got Borat from the DVD shop at Jalan Sultan in town (same building as STP), the quality is quite good, except the spanish subtitles when the characters speak Kazakh xx


Hi. Which shop in Gadong did u buy the good quality Borat DVD? I've been waiting for it. Anyway can I link you up to my site? ;)


Hi there Danura, and hh dear poor Dad! He should've said, "If you see someone wearing this, RUN AWAY." :) xx ps/ By the way, "Go To Yoga" is on my New Year's Resolution List. Please bug me incessantly, if I don't get my ass to your class.


Ali G's a laugh. My 4 year old stumbled on your site and had a curious look on the lime green uhh...swim wear. She asked the dad 'ayah, apa ni?' Dad was at a loss for words.

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