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Friday, 10 November 2006



wow!!! so breathtaking!!!
anyways, came across your picture over at, happy birthday,wishing you many happy returns =)


Selamat ulang tahun, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. From Reeda and the gang :)


Happy Birthday Emma. Wishing you the happiest of all happy birthdays. wah..u sing? hehehehe. karaoke next time?

big big fan

happy birthday emma, ure a good egg.


omg! just looking at those headstands give me a headrush :p Inspires me to restart yoga...heard that Nora??


Hi there Nora, Vincent teaches at Vinyasa Yoga in Kuala Lumpur ( ) xx


uuwaaa...that sure looked like fun. Bet you gals were all refreshed after your chiang mai adventure. Reading that makes me look forward to my training/retreat in feb and i can tell ya, im itching to go aready. Do you perhaps know where Vincent is teaching? Danura xox

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