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Friday, 24 November 2006



darn! i wanna watch NIN live. i've been to marilyn manson's concert, but since reznor's "hurt" is one of my favourite songs, it'd be a thrill to watch him perform it live =)


Thanks, Em ;) Completely biased as usual. But still, a nice flashback to the rebel yell/buying cigs with coins/it's-all-about-the-music euphoria of those good old days.

And I remember you used to play a pretty fair rendition of Bob Marley's Redemption Song and No Woman, No Cry... :)


Dear Z, I think I may have deleted the bit in my post about my old ears, so I should decline NIN, unless work or play brings me to London. But I would suffer fools gladly for Robert Smith and The Cure. Bobby would as well. I listen to their acoustic album a lot. Enough to make me feel very public schoolboy :) The best moment of my concert life was watching Bon Jovi (I was a teen in the 80s so I knew all the songs) with best bud Diva D. Oh, and Bobby and I watched Norah Jones BEFORE she won all those grammys. xx ps/ I think Trent's hot too.

Dear Shasha, a Bassist is very yum. Always remember that. xx


bass players are failed guitarists. i am a bassist. :o)


I was very lucky to see both Scott Weiland [now in Velvet Revolver] and Trent Reznor live at the Brixton Academy last year. Weiland has always been the monad of my rock music history, and seeing him on stage after more than ten years of listening to his music was surely one of the best moments of my life.

Oh... that... and seeing Robert Smith come on stage as a special surprise guest for both Placebo and Blink 182, both a month apart, but in the same venue. Talk about luck.

Trent is 41 years old and STILL looks and sounds good, especially live. Phwoar. I was totally mesmerised when he started to play all the old hits, including Head like a Hole, although the best moment was when he played The Fragile, my favourite NIN song of all time.

They're playing in London in March 2007; two of their three concert dates have sold out [which always happens]... wanna go to the Saturday one with me? (:

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