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Thursday, 23 November 2006



WyWy Sengkurong is located at the corner of the building facing Index, the new ikea-esque furniture store in Sengkurong... I think... heheheh. So far I haven't tried the ones in Brunei/Muara, but I always go to the one in Seria whenever I'm in town. Good food and value for money. Those guys at WyWy sure know how to do their market planning! Plus they got balls too! Expand here and there like their mobile phone and computer shops heheh!


Dear lazy turtle, Thanks for the heads up on the rojak. Will definitely try it one of these lunches when there are no meetings scheduled for in the afternoon :) I think I know which bit in Sengk you are talking about.. xx

Dear Tina, But of course ;) xx

the lazy turtle

The rojak at WyWy's is, I think, one of the best! I don't know how to best describe the location of the Sengkurong branch, but I know that it's in the same main simpang if you're headed for KFC or fuel. But instead of taking a right turn for them fried chicken, turn right towards the shophouses in the SKH building area. My mind's rusty since I haven't gone to eat there for a while now, but I hope this helps. :)

Nice picture by the way, I think it's sweet :)


Wah! Bling jua eh :p

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