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Sunday, 19 November 2006



I watched Casino Royale last night without reading your review. When I saw the TV promos, I thought, WHAAAATTTTT?? Definitely NOT Bond material. I am in love with Sean, even more now when he is older (yeah, yeah, me and older men!!). And Pierce was oohhh la la... I agree with Jewelle about Remington Steele, I waited for years to see him as Bond. Forget all the other insignificant Bonds.

I was told that this movie was the start of Bond as Double-0. So I went in with an open mind (plus B1 & my parents).

My first phwoargh was when I saw him at the Club (can't remember the name now, where some asshole thought he was a valet) in his white shirt & grey pants. My brain went Oh Mah Gawd. Whispered to B1 (happily munching his crackers), "I Lurrrrvvveee his BUTT". He looked at me and said "Hmmmmmm. Isn't he too young for you?"

And yes, the scene where he came out of the water in his tight shorts almost made my heart stop. The ultimate revenge for women who have suffered through so many Bond movies. This was hotter than Ursula Andress in her white bikini!!!

The fact that Bond fell in love gave me an insight to why Bond in all the movies is such a womaniser. He fell in love and lost her. No more falling in love again. A one man woman, in his heart but not in his pants.

Craig is so out of the box for me. Not the age group I usually go for. Give me Sean Connery (YES, THE OLD BALD ONE), Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan and Richard Gere any day over Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves and so on..... But Craig, I'll have you shaken, stirred, bounced, rolled, swung and in all the various ways I can.


after reading your take on casino royale, i'm kinda tempted to watch it now... dang! should have taken up the offer to go last week... =(


Thanks so much for putting the weirdness/hotness of Daniel Craig so eloquently...he does look strangely drop-dead-gorgeous with his mish-mashed face. Was on the fence about watching the movie at the cinema but your blog has definitely made me want to see Bond on the big screen (and only just for them pecs!).


I am never a Bond fan, never watched any completely. But Casino Royale does seem intriguing...and yes, THAT coming out of the water scene is very sexy even in the trailer. And I did think that although Brosnan was the born-to-be-Bond when he first appeared in Remington Steele (remember that show?), judging from the trailer, Craig looks like THE kind of Bond I like. After your review, am definitely going to see this movie.


double-OH-seven is right! went to see it with Sha last night and I loved it. The slight shortage of air in the cinema was in time with the scenes where Bond comes out of the water (twice!)- think about 300 women in the cinema simultaneosly gasping. I have to say though, the fact that Eva Green does remind me of a friend of mine, did little for me. I suppose the bombshell genious just can't work for hollywood. xxw

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