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Wednesday, 18 October 2006



i'm sure you'll enjoy yoga with danurasana. i admitt i was sceptical at first if yoga is gonna do me any good. but after a few sessions, i simply got addicted. my female friends have always been nagging me to try it out and when i finally, it was simply one of the best thing i've done for myself this year. i simply feel fresh - body and mind - after every session. the kinda feeling that makes you wanna go out and party! oh, it'll also help you sleep so soundly ;)

At first, its quite a challenge to focus on your breathing, keeping your mind free from daily personal issues and then keep your balance. but with a lil more focus, you'll be suprised of the poses that you can achieve.

have fun and all the best emmma ;)


Hi ZT, thanks for the visit. I did have a good time yesterday, it's a pity the next class for beginners in in two weeks time, so I hope I won't lose the momentum! :) xx


Haha good post!

I used to be this mighty ambitious & dedicated yogini. Danura was a great instructor.. sexy tooo hehe. I even signed up for those packages they have. The first few weeks I was sooo rajinn.. then comes *ehem* the habit of minum2 after work (office shuts at 5.15).. then comes the habit of saying "malas".. there goes my yoga package... all down the drain.. on top of that, there's the love for shopping! Alamak habis those extra $$$ which was meant for gym/yoga, handbags & shoes are just too beautiful to resist.

But now I'm a regular visitor of Danurasana (Danura's site), and I've also been blog-hopping and reading that everyone's doing yoga.. I'm tempted again. Would you believe how fickle can one be?! So thank you to all those ladies who has allured me into that healthy lifestyle again - not that shopping is not healthy.

All to best to you Emma.. Yoga-na have a great time!

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