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Monday, 09 October 2006



Hi there ladies:

W - Anya Hindmarch exhibition?!? I would LOVE to go to that one! And next time will remember skates for Taks and the long trek to the gate :) Hugabugs xx

Nings - It is because of your wisdom that the trolley-dolly bag saved my hands,,,all hail the trolley bag!! xx

Maurina - You would LOVE the blings at the exhibition girlie-girl :) xx

Maurina H

WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drool over diamonds*


I am a big advocate of dragging a trolley bag around the streets of Singapore when you go on a day trip! Forget the snickering have approximately 7 hours to shop and who wants aching fingers. Yup..speed out of immigration and customs, jump into a taxi and head out for orchard secret..plan your shopping route..get the taxi driver to drop you at the furthest shopping centre and you start walking back towards Orchard Road..and you will praise your ingenuity for bringing the trolley bag when you dont have to lug around those heavy books that you bought at Borders....and bring a luggage padlock so that you can check it in at the airport and be hands free for some more last minute duty free know those light weight bags that you can fold into the tiniest pouch..those are also handy..All hail the trolley bag!!


looks fantastic!!
took K to the Natural History museum the other day as he had never been to it (how many kinds of wrong is that?!!) and stumbled upon... a private anya hindmarch
exhibition!! sadly being 5'2'', brown and bubbly instead of 6'4'', pale and size zero I was restrained at the doors :( Still, managed to gawk at the collection of pretty sparkly things on the natural rocks side of the museum... certainly no match for the bling bling of the cartier exhibition no doubt!

Oh, and might I suggest a pair of roller skates for the next shopping marathon? those polished marble floors in Taka aren't there for nothing! also makes for speedy getaway from gate bloody miles away. :D loves xxw

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