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Sunday, 08 October 2006



Hiya LSM, thanks for the correction re: Xzibit..I had no idea such a rapper exists! My rapper name was a play on the Cartier Exhibition. I wish I could bring beloved son to Esplanade to watch some shows, but we are on a day trip so there is not much time. Cartier was good, and am not much of a shopper, although teen son is. Currently at the airport waiting to go home. Take care xx


Erm, I'm not privy to Mtv's brand of culture but I'm pretty sure the artist's name is spelled Xzibit (pronounced "Exhibit")

Singapore has far more than Brunei has to offer and I don't just mean in terms of shopping either. Why not take in a show at the Esplanade. If there's anything I miss from my 4 years in Singapore it's the productions and performances.

And if you are familiar with Russel Peters, you just missed his show on Saturday night ;)

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