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Thursday, 05 October 2006



Hey Babs, how goes the traveling? The shopping list is all GAP, including the bootcut and peeptoe :) We miss you, see you soon xx


Sorry Bob i've just seen your reply to my comment and i'm now in London......kitten in London now!

Question....the GAP cords in brown & birch i'll look for here.....but are the jeans original bootcut & the suede peep-toe from GAP? I'm not sure......educate me.

I promise I'll check here on your blog again tomorrow so let me know.



Heyho you Mad-Tourist-Kitten-In-NYC, we miss you! And, we DID think about a re-draw but fortunately for you, your kittens are tres honest, so congratulations! As promised, my shopping list as follows: GAP - Cords (Brown and Birch, 12P), Jeans Original Boot Cut (Hand Sanded Rinse, 12P), Suede Peep-Toe Wedge (Black, 7) and don't go out of your way doll. Hugabugs xx

Kitten in New York


It's a kitten in NYC......just wanted to say hello from West 53rd Street.......i know the other kittens check in so this is for you all.

I have been checking out NYC with a vengence......seen Trump Tower, been to Bergdorf-Goodman, Bloomingdales and Gap and I only arrived yesterday evening.

I heard that I got kitty.....YAHOO......will need it to pay for all the shopping I plan to do. Thanks to creative cat for keeping it for me and to you all for being very well behaved kitty's and keeping your promise to not forget me while I was away.

Will check in again soon.


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