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Tuesday, 22 August 2006



Sigh.. I want to go to Sydney. Beats Melbourne any day.


Hey there kiddo, We heard about your swell news at dinner :D Congratulations! Have fun, be safe and love to Kyle xx ps/ And Camden! Excellent eh.


Sounds like you had a lovely time there! I feel inspired and can't wait to get on a plane again... much love to you both from us in camden babyy...

p.s my interview went well and MA starts end of september! woohoo!


Hey Eleanor, you are such a doll :) It just shows how much I enjoyed Sydney..xx


What a wonderful account of Sydney. Their tourism board should pay you for this article!


Hi Justin, you are allowed to wear your glasses or sunglasses. You are given elastic strings, with holes at the end to put both left and right tip of the frame into, that is then hooked onto your jumpsuit. They also supply windcheaters or jackets, also hooked onto the jumpsuits. Its a good idea to get a jacket because its really chilly up there :)


What about glasses? Do you have to remove those too?

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